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Cuimhnich air a' Gradh

I am Gillian Robertson I believe in compassion, kindness and warm-heartedness and I know the joy of family and friendship, and I know the pain of loss and grief. 

That is why I am an Interfaith Celebrant. 

Ordained as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, I welcome and respect all faith paths, all connections with spirituality. I also welcome and respect secular values of equality and tolerance, celebrating individuality and unique gifts. My Ceremonies reflect inclusion and acceptance. 

I also believe in the importance of Ceremony, and my commitment is to create unique and individual ceremonies to mark life’s threshold moments: ceremonies which allow us to step away from our busy lives, and to join in connection with a circle of special people, to honour the occasion, the love, the sadness, the joy, the real emotion of the ceremony. 

Listening carefully to you, I would be privileged to craft a Ceremony which reflects your wishes, and honours the occasion with love and respect. People make stories and stories make people: and I love to write the stories, to weave them into Ceremony, to transform them into forever memories that bring tears of sadness, tears of joy, calm and harmony: in whatever way is right for you and for your threshold moment. 

I offer a range of Ceremonies and Services, and here, you will find more details and samples of words that I have written for Ceremonies that I have created.


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A Baby Naming Ceremony

is a wonderful opportunity to welcome a precious child into your family and into the world. Like a Christening, this is a Ceremony of great joy. A baby is named, and the roles of the parents, grandparents, godparents (or guardians) are honoured. 

Vows are made to love, cherish and support this precious child.

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A Pet Memorial Ceremony

gives the opportunity to take time to remember a beloved member of the family. 

Over the years, my family and I have lost animals who gave us such love and joy. We miss each of them and remember their gifts to us. 

A simple Ceremony can be an important part of the grieving process, allowing time for shared quiet reflection and expressions of grief. The loss of a pet can be as painful as the loss of a dear family member or friend.

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A Wedding - the happiest of occasions!

Celebrating the love of two people. Witnessing their love expressed in the vows they make to each other. 

Rich in Ceremony and Rituals including Handfasting, Unity Candles, Unity Sand, and Quaich Ceremonies, we honour the traditions of our ancestors and bless the love of the couple with our own love. 

I work together with you to create a Ceremony that is uniquely yours and that you will remember for ever. 

And should you wish to be married outdoors - Scotland has THE most beautiful locations 

Mountain High Matrimony? I love being in the mountains – stunning summits for your special day!

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A Graduation Celebration

Recently, many of our young people are missing out on celebrating an important rite of passage. This might be leaving primary or secondary school, or graduating from College or University. 

A Graduation Celebration is for the young person and their immediate family. It could play a very important part in the Transition process, allowing a formal ‘end’ to a particular life stage, and therefore making it easier to move on to the next. 

It is a chance for a more intimate celebration when family members can share their pride directly with their daughter or son, and they, in turn, have an opportunity to thank their family for their love and support. 

While this cannot replace the end of term prizegivings, Proms and grand graduation ceremonies, a Graduation Celebration is a chance for an individualised, unique ceremony to mark a significant life event. 

It is an opportunity to make memories, to take photographs to share with wider family and friends, and to look back on in future years. 

I can also arrange for the Ceremony to be filmed and saved as a private YouTube clip. Alternatively, you may wish to record it yourself, or ‘Live-stream’ via Facebook Live. It would be possible to hold the entire Graduation Celebration online, via Zoom.

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Funeral Service

For many, a funeral service is an important and necessary part of the grieving process. 

It is a time to honour the memory of a loved one, to say a final farewell. It can be an opportunity to celebrate a special life and to give thanks for the gift of this special person. 

At a time of deep emotion, a funeral service should be created to reflect the values and personality of the person who has died, and the wishes of their dearest family and friends. 

As with any Ceremony, music, poetry, readings and simple rituals such as the lighting of a candle or a toast with a favourite whisky are all features of a funeral service. 

The Eulogy, the chance to pay a profound tribute, retell stories, and highlight special memories, is central to a personalised service. 

My discussions with you as your Celebrant, to talk about your loved one, to plan and create their service, are also important stages in the grieving process. 

Like any of my Ceremonies, the funeral service can be completely secular, or include a religious aspect, such as a reading or a prayer.

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A Ceremony to Honour your Ancestors 

Have you traced your ancestors, learned about the lives of your forebears, visited places that are of particular significance to your family history? 

Have you considered a Ceremony to honour your ancestors, to bring them to mind, to express your gratitude for the part that they each played in creating the person you are now? 

I would be honoured to work with you to find the most meaningful location, create and deliver a Ceremony that gives you the chance to take time to remember your ancestors, to walk with them where they have walked before, to see your world through their eyes. 

(See ‘Presentation Scripts’ for my own Ceremony to Honour my Ancestors)

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Vow Renewal

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to affirm the love that you have found in the time that has followed your wedding day. 

A Vow Renewal Ceremony can be just the two of you sharing the truth and honesty of your life and love together, or you may choose to invite your special circle of family and friends to witness your words. 

Without the legal formalities of your wedding, your Vow Renewal Ceremony is created exactly as you would wish, with your promises of love at the very heart. 

Is this a good time to consider renewing your vows?

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